Công Ty TNHH TM - SX Dây Và Cáp Điện Đại Long

Research and development

With a team of qualified engineers and modern production technology Dai Long is always ready to meet the requirements
demand for new types of products in line with the trends of the domestic and foreign electricity industry.

Products successfully researched and developed by Dai Long:

  • Low voltage twisted aluminum cable LV-ABC.
  • Bare aluminum cables and aluminum alloy core ACSR, Phlox, Pastel ….
  • For aluminum wire, bare aluminum alloy core and tested aluminum core all meet the standard
    American ASTM and European standard IEC 61089.
  • For twisted cable ABC, the product meets the stringent standards of AS 3560 of Australia, especially the degree
    adhesion of insulation

Medium and low voltage medium voltage cables manufactured on CCV Line meet strict requirements
of the standard.

Photo: CCV Line production line