Dai Long


  • Name of project: 500kV Line 3 by the National Power Transmission Corporation (NPT) as investor
  • Place: Stretching from Vung Án to Pleiku
  • Year: 9/2017 - 1/2019
  • Products provided: Electrical cable aluminum alloy steel ACSR 600/76, AACSR 635/117, Phlox 147, Phlox 94

Project information:

The 500kV Line 3, the state assigned to the electricity Vietnam (EVN) organized implementation, EVN delivered to the National Power Transmission Corporation (NPT) as the investor and the PMU of the central Power works on behalf of the investor of the project management.

The 500kV Circuit 3 line guarantees the strengthening of electricity from the power plants in the north, central and Highlands to the southern provinces now lacking electricity. Additionally, the 500 kV Circuit 3 also serves as the National grid and regional grid linking at the 500 kV voltage level..

This 3-circuit 500kV line is divided into 3 segments, the first segment goes from Vung Ang to Quang Trach to later supply electricity from Quang Trach-one of the major power centers of the country, 32 km long; The second segment, from Quang Trach to steep gravel, was 500 km; The third segment from steep gravel to PleiKu2 is 209 km in length. The total line of 500 kV 3 was 744 km in length, with a total investment capital of 12,400 billion VND.

Due to the early request of electricity supply to the south in 2019, thus the government delivered to EVN, NPT directed to construct the finished project in 18 months, expected.