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LV-ABC 0.6/1kV

LV-ABC Twisted Cable, 4 cores, reduced neutral, aluminum guts, XLPE insulated, 0.6/1kV

Structure: LV-ABC

  1. Phase conductor: Alumium compacted stranded
  2. Insulation: XLPE black
  3. Floating ribs of the cable
  4. Neutral conductor: Bearing aluminum alloy wire, braided round

Cable identification: by floating ribs
Phase A: 1 rib, printed number 1
Phase B: 2 ribbed, printed number 2
Phase C: 3 ribbed, printed number 3
Neutral: Many ribs are evenly spaced or not ribbed, no serial number is printed
Cable characteristics:

  • Rated voltage U / Uo: 0.6 / 1kV
  • Maximum conductor temperature under normal operating conditions: 90oC